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Dr. Cameron Garven, Chaplain Services

Dr. Cameron Garven

Dr. Cameron Garven

Director, Chaplain Services

International Experience: Brazil, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Israel, Kenya, Montenegro, Netherlands, Peru, Rwanda, Slovakia, Uganda, United Kingdom

Dr. Garven brings a wealth of experience in student ministry, pastoral ministry; secondary, undergraduate and graduate teaching; and corporate chaplaincy to his role at Missional University. His experience teaching, coaching, and mentoring students at Princeton University, both face-to-face and online, provides a rich background. He provides soul nurture by listening to faculty, staff and students and asking them for their feedback on how to help them in their spiritual journey. His past experiences nurturing a sense of community among students, faculty and staff enable him to develop similar activities for our transnational, 100% digital campus. In addition, he has led 45 missions and teaching trips in South and Central America, Africa and Europe. Dr. Garven holds a master’s degree in Christian education from Dallas Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree in leadership and spiritual formation from George Fox University.

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