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Dr. Christopher Ilori, Ecological Mission

Dr. Christopher Ilori

Dr. Christopher Ilori

Professor of Geospatial Mission

International Experience: Canada, Croatia, France, Gambia, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States

Dr. Chris Ilori is a spatial analysis specialist with experience conducting research for governmental and intergovernmental agencies, institutes and corporations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. He has explored climate change adaptation options in Asia-Pacific, digitized river data and developed a vector representation of hydrological features for the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (UK), documented World Heritage Sites and Biospheres and catalogued information and data for use by UN field workers and consultants with UNESCO in Italy, processed satellite images to reveal change and current distribution of marshes over a period of 30 years for a Canadian Conservation Foundation, used satellite remote sensing and object based image analysis for slum mapping in Kenya, and assisted in the development and enhancement of current and new projects relevant to Small Developing Island States (SIDS) in the areas of climate change, citizen science, biodiversity, local and indigenous knowledge for UNESCO in Paris, France. He has given academic presentations in the US and Canada and served as an expert screener and reviewer for the United Nations. His research articles have appeared in such journals as Atmospheric Research, Remote Sensing, and the Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing in addition to a number of technical white papers for various organizations. His professional development has included continuing education in the US, France, Germany, and Spain. Dr. Ilori and his family reside in Canada.

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