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Dr. Erica Sturridge, Community Ministry

Dr. Erica Sturridge

Dr. Erica Sturridge

Senior Professor of Nutrition
International Experience: Barbados, Canada, Jamaica, United States

Over the last twenty years, Dr. Erica Sturridge has served as a lecturer in Jamaica and for universities in the UK and US. She has conducted research in mathematical modeling and respiratory metabolic studies in the US and Jamaica. In addition to teaching nutrition, biology, chemistry and medical technology and serving as a dissertation advisor, she has served as the Dean of a College of Allied Health and Nursing. Her publications have appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as: Gastroenterology, Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry, and the European Journal of Public Health. Her academic presentations have been given at the American Gastroenterology Association, the Caribbean Commonwealth Medical Research Council, and at the Canadian Mathematical Society. She was elected to the Royal Statistical Society in 2002. She and her family reside in Jamaica.

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