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Dr. Joan Wise, Missional College

Dr. Joan Wise

Dr. Joan Wise

Professor of Missiology

International Experience: Cambodia, Canada, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, Viet Nam

In over 35 years of missional experience, Dr. Joan Wise has taught cross-culturally in numerous settings including those that were severely restricted due to political systems as well as endemic poverty, established schools, trained national church planters to effectively reach their own people with a Christian message framed within their own cultural situation, and taught Biblical spiritual formation to both children and adults. Whether overseeing translation projects in Southeast Asia; or networking and communicating with NGOs and local government in issues related to human trafficking; or training of indigenous adults in pedagogical and methodological structures for discipleship programs within their own culture; or teaching, training, and giving pastoral oversight to national church planters in developing local churches; Dr. Wise sharpened her intercultural communication, project management, entrepreneurial, and curriculum development skills to navigate cultures in the mission of God in the world. Dr. Joan Wise splits her time between Southeast Asia and the USA.

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