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Dr. John Karna, Environmental Justice

Dr. John Karna, PhD

Dr. John Karna, PhD

Senior Professor of Environmental Justice

International Experience: Israel, Jordan, Mexico, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey

Missional University is excited to welcome Dr. John Karna is a multi-disciplinary environmental scientist, environmental attorney, and missional theologian. With a major US patent developed while lead researcher at Weyerhouser Company and another patent currently pending, his work in the monitoring of gas and global warming has led to worldwide implementation in the environmental sector. As an attorney, his ability to combine environmental law with environmental science has enabled him to successfully litigate environmental cases in favor of his clients. As a missional theologian, Dr. Karna served the indigenous people of Mexico for 14 years as a missionary while also attending the environmental issues they faced. Dr. Karna has served in various capacities at universities, community colleges, and united school districts. He has given presentations to the American Chemical Society, the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, and to the Border Environmental Cooperation Commission in Tijuana, Mexico. Currently he resides with his family in Tucson, Arizona.

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