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Dr. Micah Natale, Missional Practice

Dr. Micah Natale

Dr. Micah Natale

Professor of International Sports Management

International Experience: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, United States

Dr. Micah Natale has served in academic administration, as a student ministry director on college campuses, and as a professor of sports management. He has established a sports management program where he built the sports management program from scratch, developed curriculum for an MBA in Sports Management, and served as a department chair advising students and overseeing curricular develoment. As a campus director with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Dr. Natale identified, evaluated, recruited, trained, equipped and encouraged staff and leadership boards. He built relationships with student athletes and administrators at twelve colleges and universities. He served with the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation where he has given major presentations at multiple conferences. He has also led an international student study abroad in Greece, Italy and Switzerland. Dr. Natale and his family live in Georgia, USA.

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