May 21, 2019

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Dr. Noemi Montiel, Academic Dean, School of Creative Expression

Dr. Noemi Montiel
Dean, School of Creative Expression
Professor of Ethnodoxology
Latin American Music Specialist
International Experience: Argentina, Australia, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, Haiti, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, South Africa, USA, Uruguay

We welcome Dr. Noemi Montiel in a new role as the Academic Dean of the School of Creative Expression. Previously she served as the Academic Director of the School of Music at the Evangelical University in Asuncion, Paraguay where she was also Professor of Music Education, and Academic Director at the Music Department in the oldest and most famous school of fine arts in Paraguay, the Paraguayan Athenaeum (Ateneo Paraguayo). Dr. Montiel has served with her husband in church ministry for the last 25 years where she has many opportunities to train worship leaders across multiple countries in Latin America. She holds a Doctor of Music Arts from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and continues as a Professor of Ethnodoxology at Missional University. She and her family continue to reside in Asuncion, Paraguay..   View Profile

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