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Dr. Robert Keay, Theological Studies

Dr. Robert Keay

Dr. Robert Keay

Professor of Christian Origins

International Experience: Belgium, France, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Dr. Robert Keay focuses on the missional ethos and ethical issues that early Christians faced during the first century. Previously he taught at Queen’s Univeristy, Belfast Bible College and at the Centre for Youth MInistry Irleland in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has served as a teaching fellow at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland; and as a lecturer at New England Bible College, South Portland, ME. He has also served in pastoral ministry in churches in Northern Ireland, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Professor Philip Esler supervised his dissertation at St. Andrews titled: “Paul the Spiritual Guide. A Social Identity Perspective on the Apostle’s Self-Identity” and Dr. Bruce Longenecker served as one of the examiners. He has served as a PhD Dissertation and MTh Dissertation supervisor of multiple dissertations at Queen’s University. As Assistant to the Director of the Institute of Theology at Queen’s University, Dr. Keay had oversight of all of their academic programmes. His most recent publication was “Reframing Pandemic. The Window of Christianity.” His journal articles have appeared in Tyndale Bulletin, and Christian Apologetics Journal. He has also served as a religious consultant for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and given public lectures in Belfast and County Down, Northern Ireland. Dr. Keay and his family reside in Connecticut, USA.

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