July 16, 2019

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Flora Roberson, SCM Educational Technology Specialist

Flora Roberson, MEd, MS 
Educational Technology Specialist
Focus: School of Community Ministry
International Experience:  USA

We are rejoicing that veteran instructional designer, Flora Roberson has joined the staff of Missional University as Educational Technology Specialist. As part of the Online Education Team under the direction of Dean Sarah Ashley, she will primarily focus on working with the faculty of the School of Community Ministry.

With about 15 years experience and a passion for distance learning and instructional technology, as well as Quality Matters standards for course design, Flora Roberson brings great insights for developing quality content for fully online courses, and a heart for training faculty on course development.

Her front end administration skills on multiple learning management systems including Moodle, and experience supporting students as well as staff and faculty, make Flora an invaluable addition to the Online Education Team.

She holds a M.S. in Information Systems and a M.Ed. in Instructional Design.   View Profile

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