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Luisa Cifuentes Aguilar, Ecological Mission

Luisa Cifuentes Aguilar

Luisa Cifuentes Aguilar

Associate Dean of the Hispanic World

International Experience: Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Sweden, United States

Luisa Cifuentes Aguilar serves Missional University and the School of Ecological Mission as the Associate Dean of the Hispanic World. She is an Environmental Engineer also using her expertise in sustainable water management, aquiculture, solid waste management and ecological sanitation in her role as Instructor in Aquatic & Watershed Ecology for Missional University. She believes that natural resources are gifts from God to humanity and is passionate about empowering others to care for those resources. She has served as Executive Director of Lake Atitlan Basin Authority in Guatemala and for many years served as Project Administration Manager for Corporacion Dino, S.A. Luisa holds a Masters Degree in Sustainable Water Management from Kristianstad University in Kristianstad, Sweden and an Environmental Engineering degree from Rural University in Guatemala. She currently resides in Guatemala.

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