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Prof. Rowland Smith, Missional Practice

Prof. Rowland Smith

Prof. Rowland Smith

Instructor in Missional Community

International Experience: Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom

Professor Rowland Smith has experience in several varied contexts that has given him a particularly diverse voice in seeing God’s kingdom at work in the church, in missional business models, and in incarnational neighborhood presence. He has served as a Pastor of Missional Culture, as the owner founder of a missional business-as-mission coffee shop, as a church planter, a worship pastor, and a portfolio manager/investment analyst for a capital management firm. His role on the Forge America National Team includes providing organizational leadership as well as training development of individuals and churches to follow Jesus with a missionary posture in the places where they live, work and play. His book, Life Out Loud: Joining Jesus Outside the Walls of the Church, charts a course that invites Christian believers to discover an adventurous life with Jesus – their own life out loud. His upcoming disseration at Fuller Seminary will be on the subject: Missional Emergence: Key Paradigm Shifts Needed in Discipling Christians Toward a Missional Lifestyle. Professor Smith and his family reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

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