September 19, 2019

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Tammy Moore, SCE Educational Technology Specialist

Tammy Moore
Educational Technology Specialist
Focus: School of Creative Expression
International Experience:  USA

We are pleased to announce that Tammy Moore has joined the staff of Missional University as Educational Technology Specialist. As part of the Online Education Team under the direction of Dean Sarah Ashley, she will primarily focus on working with the faculty of the School of Creative Expression.

Tammy Moore is an E-Learning Designer/Developer who brings over 20 years of experience designing, building and teaching online courses before there was such a thing as “instructional design.”  She is the founder and CEO of her own online virtual 100% volunteer-run homeschool, Virtual Homeschool Group, which runs on Moodle, bringing over 12 years of administrative and course design expertise to Missional University. Tammy is also an extraordinary Illustrator and talented Portrait Artist and we are additionally blessed for her graphical design skills and Adobe Creative Suite expertise that will spruce up the visuals and engagement in our online courses and resources. With her experience of managing Scrum Agile Teams, Tammy also brings great team management skills. View Profile

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