December 15, 2019

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Welcome Dr. Eric Tangumonkem

Dean, School of Ecological Mission 

Senior Professor of Environmental Mission
Geoscience and Earth Science Specialist
International Experience: Cameroon, USA

We welcome Dr. Eric Tangumonkem in a new role as the Academic Dean of the School of Ecological Mission. Eric also serves as a Senior Professor of Environmental Mission with the School. Previously he has served as the Interim Dean of the School of Science, Engineering and Technology at Santa Monica University, Cameroon, and as an Adjunct Professor of Geology at West Hills Community College, in Coalinga, California.  He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Texas at Dallas, and a Master’s Degree in Earth Science from the University of Yaounde, Cameroon.   Eric is an accomplished author, having written books on diverse topics such as immigration and inspirational writing. Eric is also an accomplished poet.

Eric’s view of the school of ecological mission is that “it takes a holistic approach to redemption and aims at setting traditional mission and evangelism in a broader context dealing with eco-justice, eco-spirituality, and eco-praxis. God’s redemption is not limited to human, but the entire creation is going to be redeemed as well. Faculty with expertise in a wide range of disciplines work together to equip missional Christians to participate in the mission of God through global health, environmental mission, humanitarian aid, missional geoscience and sustainable agriculture.” View Dr. T’s Faculty Profile

Missional University provides affordable, online, Christian missional training for grassroots leaders in diverse cultural contexts across the globe.  Visit MU online to check out the educational options available, and APPLY FOR ADMISSION.  Classes start on August 27, 2018!

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