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On Believing in Christianity and Science: Stephen W. Hawking Dies at 76

Science and Christianity have always been an interesting mix. You can believe in one, or the other, or both. Hawking only believed in science. Hawking was born on 8 January 1942 and passed away on 14 March 2018. He will be remembered among both Christian and atheist communities for his known remark—“‘I’m an atheist’ because science […]

Remembering Billy Graham, the Modesto Manifesto 70 Years Later

As an aspiring scholar at Taylor Seminary (Canada) more than a decade ago, I vividly remember my enthusiasm in writing a biographical-paper assignment on Billy Graham—I greatly admired Billy, and it was an opportunity for me to know more about him. I ended up handing in 18 pages, instead of the required 8 pages! We will […]