October 18, 2018

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Millennials at MU: Finding Your Purpose, Passion, Mission

Missional University has a lot to offer: online, global, Biblically based education that trains and equips people to be part of God’s mission in the world.  Want to make a difference?  MU can teach you how to tap into your God given gifts and talents and use them in a way to reach people in […]

BE MISSIONAL, as you were DESIGNED to be.

Missional University will prepare you for more than a career. At MU, you’ll learn how to serve in the mission of God as your mission. Six schools work together to bring you an interdisciplinary education that integrates a unique missional study of the Bible, missional practice, and certificate or full degree programs in the study […]

Meet Missional University, an online, global, Christian university!

Missional University helps Christian believers make a greater impact in their neighborhoods, communities and the world through education that is rooted in the mission of God in this world.  Visit MU at missional.university or email admissions@missional.university for more information! The university is redefining how Christian lay people and clergy professionals learn through an engaging online […]