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Epidemiology & Infectious Diseases

The Department of Epidemiology & Infectious Disease emerges out of a clear biblical understanding of the mission of God among people with disease and health issues. Jesus’s calling to proclaim the good news of the kingdom and heal every disease and sickness stems from a holistic perspective of the relationship between spiritual and social issues. Graduates will learn how to imitate Christ by combining healthcare and soulcare in their service in the mission of God in the world.

Cytochrome c and c1 heme lyases are essential in Plasmodium berghei.

Malaria parasites possess a de novo heme synthetic pathway. Interestingly, this pathway is dispensable during the blood stages of development in mammalian hosts. The assembly of the two most important hemeproteins, cytochromes c and c1, is mediated by cytochrome heme lyase enzymes. Plasmodium spp. possess two cytochrome heme lyases encoded by separate genes. Given the redundancy of heme synthesis, […]