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Creative Expression

The School of Creative Expression enables Christian believers to communicate a gospel witness in various forms, media and styles to bring glory to God through worship and service. The School of Cultural Expression equips missional leaders in foundational courses in cultural studies and then adds practical courses in media arts, music arts, theatre arts and worship studies. Whether you need to learn how to use social media, multimedia, visual communications, graphic design or broadcast journalism – Missional University gives you the tools to serve in secular and faith-based organizations as a Christian witness. Through music arts, you can be equipped in songwriting and the music industry in addition leading worship. Creative worship is extended through story telling and the theatre arts.

Luk Thung: The Culture and Politics of Thailand’s Most Popular Music

Since the 1960s, the hybrid popular music called luk thung has embodied the aspirations, frustrations, and sorrows of Thailand’s working class. Global scholarship, however, has been slow in examining this seminal genre. In this pioneering book, ethnomusicologist James Mitchell explores the many facets of luk thung through ethnographic research with singers, songwriters, fans, and other professionals. The groundbreaking final […]