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Missional Theology & History

The Department of Missional Theology & History builds on the foundation of biblical studies and stands on the shoulders of the saints who have preceded us. Studies in the theological unfolding of the missio dei and of the historical endeavors and movements to fulfill that mission will give graduates intellectual, spiritual, and personal confidence as they, too, fulfill their part in the redemptive mission of God.

Conversion in Missionary Christianity, Northwest Tanzania: A Critical Assessment of Methods & Their Impact on Haya Christian Life

Dr. Josephat Rweyemamu focused his interdisciplinary missiological dissertation on the post-conversion impact of pre-conversion methods among the Hay peoples of Africa.┬áIt engages the sociological theory of structuration to critically explore the missionary Christianity approach and methods of conversion in the Lutheran Church, Northwest Tanzania, and their impact on the Haya Christian life. To this end, […]