January 29, 2020

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Community Ministry

The School of Community Ministry is designed to help you fulfill God’s great commission by providing you with the necessary knowledge base to be a spiritual change agent through social service and evangelism. Utilizing these two vital elements together, you will be empowered with the ability to minister to and assist individuals, groups, and families with problematic circumstances that impose hardships on their personal environment and daily lives.

The Legal, Community Policing, and Resource Challenges of Dealing with Advance Fee Fraud

Advance fee fraud is a growing crime creating serious economic and emotional impact on its victims. There is a lack of research regarding the legal, community policing, and resource challenges of dealing with advance fee fraud which would aid in reducing this crime. The purpose of this qualitative study is to determine through interviewing fraud […]

The Effects of Diet and Vanadyl Sulfate Supplementation on Blood Glucose levels of Diabetics: Review of Current Human Data and Recommendations for Further Study

Studies in the literature have shown that vanadium supplementation has an insulin mimetic effect on the blood glucose levels of both animals and humans [1-8]. In the current literature, several studies have examined the effects of vanadium supplementation on blood glucose levels of both type 1 and type 2 diabetics. However, dietary intake of vanadium […]

Preparing At-Risk Foster Adolescents for Independent Living: Preparing to Age Out of the Foster Care System

Typically when children are removed from their home by the child welfare authorities, by law, they become wards of their prospective state under the guise of parens patriae (Anderson, 2001). Although many of these young people return home within one year of their stay in the system, a significant number of them, after remaining in […]

A Relationship-based Spiritual Formation Model for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Recently Dr. Wes Cohoon successfully defended his doctoral project on “A Relationship-based Spiritual Formation Model for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities.”  The project came about from his work as a chaplain with adults who have intellectual disabilities. He summarizes the issues: Church leaders in a recent Barna Research Group Survey overwhelmingly linked spiritual disciplines with the following intellectual approaches: […]