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Ecology & Biodiversity

In the Department of Ecology & Biodiversity, you will learn principles about the diversity of life on earth from cellular, molecular and genetic perspectives in light of micro and macro environmental processes and how humans influence and are influenced by them. Through study of biological and chemical aspects of nature, you will gain an understanding of marine, marshland, forest, and wildlife ecology. Through study of ecology and biodiversity you will be prepared to serve in the mission of God in conservation biology, restoration ecology, landscape ecology and coastal and wet ecology and management. Building on theories of ecological sustainability and resilience, your missional service may extend to planning habitat conservation and wildlife protection or helping humans and animals achieve healthy lives in diverse physical environments.

What Individuals Know, Do Not Know, and Need to Know about Watershed Health in an Urbanizing USA Midwestern city: A mental model approach

Individual decisions about actions one can take that both positively and negatively impact watershed health are important in a time of increased urban development. The aim of this study was to identify what individuals know, do not know, and need to know to make more informed decisions in a rapidly urbanizing watershed in Columbus, Ohio […]