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Day 4: Missional Christmas

Four Educational Levels

On that eventful Christmas night, the shepherds received the birth announcement. The message did not come to the powerful and prestigious – but to the people on the fringes of society without extensive education and financial resources. God’s offer of “good news of great joy” was to be “for all the people” – and this was demonstrated when the homeless, ruggedly individualistic shepherds on the outskirts of society heard the angels announcement of the birth of a Savior.

So the Christmas story places the lowly uneducated shepherds in contrast to the powerful, educated kings of the east in order to underscore both the inclusive nature of God’s love and that those who follow Jesus will transcend socio-economic barriers.

“On the fourth day of Christmas, my Lord & Savior sent me:
Four Educational Levels,
Three Intercultural Options,
Two Missional Opportunities,
and a Christian on a Unique Mission”

Here at Missional University, we recognize that globally the people of God have varying educational backgrounds. This is why we are launching a Dual Enrollment Academy for high school students to be able to take beginning college courses; Associate level programs designed for high school graduates; Bachelor Degree Completion programs for those adults who are returning to complete their education; and Master level programs for college graduates. We also recognize the extreme differences economically across the globe. This is why our tuition has four tiers based upon country residence – to make it more affordable for the people of God around the world.

Won’t you join us in equipping 21st-century believers to serve in the mission of God?
Take a look at our academic programs to learn more.

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