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Day 7: Missional Christmas

Seven Continents Teaching

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the incarnate Almighty God, who took the form of a human, born of a virgin as prophesied by Isaiah. But that incarnation also included his entire sojourn on earth. He adapted to the Palestinian cultural setting in which he was raised in Nazareth. Upon the launch of his ministry, Jesus took the long-established role in that society as a “peripatetic philosopher” – a person who discussed the great philosophical issues of the day while walking the streets – usually with a crowd following him.

As Jesus began to discuss the coming of the kingdom of God, Jesus called ordinary people to follow him. These disciples were to become the twelve apostles who took the message of reconciliation to Europe, Africa, and Asia. Their mission according to Jesus: to make disciples across the world, “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

“On the seventh day of Christmas, my Lord & Savior sent me:
Seven Continents Teaching,
Six Missional Careers,
Five Missional Answers,
Four Educational Levels,
Three Intercultural Options,
Two Missional Opportunities,
and a Christian on a Unique Mission”

Today, Missional University has an online global faculty from Washington state, USA to Wellington, New Zealand across 20 time zones on every continent (except Antarctica) who are teaching followers of Jesus to serve in the mission of God.

Take a moment to acquaint yourself with our online global faculty.  Won’t you join us in equipping 21st-century believers to serve in the mission for which they have been sent?

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