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Diaspora Studies: Bachelor & Master Degree Programs

Why Diaspora Studies?

Transnational migration is becoming a day to day phenomenon across cultures. According to data from Migration Policy Institute (2016), the net migration to the United States between 2010 and 2015 was about 5 million. Recent events in Western Asia and Europe illustrate the plight of millions of displaced people.

Diaspora studies enables students to examine both natural and man-made causes of population migration at various levels. It also examines processes as well as challenges people face as they try to adjust to the new destinations. Knowledge of diverse nature of population movements together with intercultural skills in engaging internationals, immigrants and refugees opens doors for missional career opportunities.

Sample Employment Positions

Immigration Advisor, Immigration Caseworker, Immigration Consultant, Immigration Coordinator, Immigration Counselor, Immigration Specialist, Immigrant Rights Organizer, Immigration Services Manager, Immigration Services and Education Organizer, Refugee Foster Care Case Manager, Refugee Ministry Coordinator, Refugee Rescue Coordinator, Refugee Resettlement Case Manager, Refugee Services Case Manager, Refugee Support Caseworker, Refugee Worker

Major Popular US Locations

Houston, TX; Irvine, CA; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Raleigh, NC; Saint Louis, MO; San Jose, CA; Washington, DC

Major Popular International Locations

Amsterdam, Netherlands; Athens, Greece; Berlin, Germany; London, United Kingdom; Stockholm, Sweden; Vienna, Austria

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