September 19, 2019

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Sports Management Mission: Bachelor Degree Completion Program

Why Sports Management Mission Studies?

Sports and Recreation Management is a growing field within the globalized world. Christians need to be present in this affluent, image-oriented social construct to offer an alternative way to discover identity, purpose and meaning. Individuals entering careers in sports and recreation management are entering the mission of God.

The Sports and Recreation Management major is a humanities-based interdisciplinary Bachelor completion program that leads students to understand how to make sport and recreation management a missional strategy. Students will discover how sport and recreation marketing; sport economics; recreation programming; legal aspects of sport; sport governance and project management interrelate with the mission of God. Students will participate in a variety of relevant, practical learning experiences that will practicalize these competencies.

Sample Employment Positions

Assistant athletic director, Assistant coach, Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer, Director of Fitness and Wellness, Equipment Manager, Fitness Instructor, Grounds Keeper, Intramural Director, Personal Trainer, Referee, Sports Instructor (Ski, Skating, etc.), Sports Camp Director, Sports Camp Activities Specialist (Basketball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, etc), Sporting Goods Store Manager, Umpire, Parks & Recreation Manager, Camp Program Director, Bible Camp Program Director, Sports Ministries, Team Chaplain

Major Popular US Locations

All major cities in US

Major Popular International Locations

All major cities worldwide


Illustrations of Sports Management Mission as a Ministry Vocation

Case Story:  Rick Meyer, Director of the North Augusta Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, North Augusta, South Carolina, USA

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