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Pre-Sports Mission Dual Enrollment Academy

Why Pre-Sports Mission Studies?

The Department of Missional Living is grounded in the biblical conviction that the disciple of Jesus has the privilege and the responsibility to live out the Great Commission and the Great Commandment in every aspect of life. Graduates will discover how the transcultural gospel can direct, shape, and drive their involvement in the marketplace, in the arts, in sports, in the military, and in the relationships of life, leading them to be equipped to fulfill their missional calling in whatever context and community they are called.

Too often followers of Jesus misapply the biblical call to be holy or separate from the world as one of absolute withdrawal from culture and society. The Department of Missional Living is convinced that the call is to be both holy and salt and light in every aspect of human life. The Department, therefore, rejects a hard division between the sacred and the secular. Rather, we believe that the missio Dei is best expressed by living missionally to and within all domains of culture and society.

Course Descriptions

Core Requirements

MLV1000     Intro to Missional Living
This course will focus on living as a disciple in every area of life. Missional is a ministry buzz word but few know how to live it. This course will give students a clear definition of missional, best practices to living a missional life, and a template to apply God’s Mission into any context in which the student lives.

SPT1700     Intro to Sport Management and Mission
An overview of the sports industry, the various career opportunities it holds and the ways in which Christ-followers can missionaly impact it. Introduction to areas of study such as sociology of sport, sport finance, sport law, sport marketing, and facility and event management.

MLV2400     Missional Practice for Everyday Life
The Church is lived out by ordinary people doing ordinary things in service to an extraordinary God. Designed to equip students to learn the practical and everyday practices of missional living, this course will equip students with best practices from a breath of missional leaders and communities globally and challenge them to begin to think critically about application to their context.

SPT2700     Sports Ministry for Everyday Life
How do Christ-followers who enjoy sport and recreation, engage their hobby (perhaps profession) which has been highly secularized and may not support the biblical principles and convictions that they embrace? This course will identify the areas of conflict and the opportunities to live missionally in the world of sport and recreation.

Missional Foundations

ELD1000     Exploring the Mission of God
A survey of Missio Dei, the mission of God, explores salvation history through the redemptive vision of God. The student will learn how God is reconciling all of creation unto himself in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Students will also observe God at work through His people in mission.

THM1000     Intro to Missional Spirituality
This course explores the spiritual dimension of missional engagement in the post-Christendom world. Students will discover practical and creative ways of deepening their personal spirituality allowing more engagement with not-yet Christians and the development of authentic missional community. Resources will include readings, video interviews with practitioners, creative spiritual practices, real life experimentation and weekly Q & A reports.

General Studies

Your choice of General Studies such as English, Biology,Chemistry, etc.


Future Educational Plan

Associates Program

Transfer Directly into the Associate Degree Program in Sports & Recreation Management.

Bachelor Program

Transfer Directly into the Bachelors Degree Completion Program in Sports Management Mission.

Master’s Program

Masters Degree in International Sports Mission.


Sample Employment Positions

Assistant athletic director, Assistant coach, Athletic Director, Athletic Trainer, Director of Fitness and Wellness, Equipment Manager, Fitness Instructor, Grounds Keeper, Intramural Director, Personal Trainer, Referee, Sports Instructor (Ski, Skating, etc.), Sports Camp Director, Sports Camp Activities Specialist (Basketball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, etc), Sporting Goods Store Manager, Umpire, Parks & Recreation Manager, Camp Program Director, Bible Camp Program Director, Sports Ministries, Team Chaplain

Major Popular US Locations

All major cities in US

Major Popular International Locations

All major cities worldwide

Illustrations of Sports Management Mission as a Ministry Vocation

Case Story:  Rick Meyer, Director of the North Augusta Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, North Augusta, South Carolina, USA

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