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Mardene Carr, Library Services Group

Dean Mardene Carr

Dean Mardene Carr

Dean of Library Services

International Experience: Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Jamaica, United States

Dean Mardene Carr, Dean of Library Services, has more than twenty years of librarian experiences in colleges, universities, and financial institutions. She has established or reorganized three libraries from scratch in the Bahamas, Jamaica and in the United States. She has served as a college librarian in the Cayman Islands, Assistant Library Director in Dominica, Chief Librarian in Jamaica, Director of Library and Innovation at a private country day school and librarian at a county library in Florida. She has published articles in journals such as The Electronic Library, Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal, Competitive Intelligence Magazine, and the Caribbean Journal of Public Sector Management. In her work in the Caribbean, she has pioneered the use of digital and mobile technologies in library services leveraging open source and open access digital resources. Dean Carr and her family reside in the Atlanta area.

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