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Chauncey Watson, MU Librarian


Chauncey Watson

Instructional and Research Librarian

International Experience: United States

Chauncey Watson has served in various library and information services positions in a literacy non-profit, an internet public library, a public school system, and a non-profit research think tank. As a Drexel Alumni with Dual Master’s in Library and Information Science and Information Systems, she has the background to apply her LIS/IS education in instructional technology services, information and database management, web content development, software development, and creative organization into the challenging online environment of Missional University. Her librarian experiences include acquisition and cataloging, patron and inter-library services, archival digitization and collection development, research and reference services, and developing instructional courses for patrons and staff. With certifications in several information technology areas plus continuing education courses in big data, information literacy, and database management, Chauncey not only has knowledge of library processes, procedures and policies, but also experience using various learning platforms, website development tools, and relevant software packages.

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